Thursday, 23 June 2011

RA!SE - Malam Biru (cover song) *the slideshow photos*
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"RA!SE" formed on February 11, 2011.
Name of "RA!SE" was made ​​from the composition of each personnel's initials name.
R: Rendy (Yellow)
A: Anes (Green)
I & S: Iman Suryadi (Blue)
E: Even (Purple)

the different colors from each personnel means that we had different characters from each personnel. And to facilitate you in recognizing any personnel of "RA!SE". so, what COLOR do you like ?

Name of "RA!SE", we interpret as things will continue to rise until it reaches the top. And also, the use of an exclamation mark ( ! ) on the letter "i" in "RA!SE" is to reinforce the intent rather than Raise, that we told ourselves if we are fighting, dreaming and praying then we will "RA!SE" over the top.

We were moving slowly 'cos we enjoy the process. Hope you can enjoy our process as well.
Enjoy our cover song.
And wait for our own song.

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  1. My fave color is the boldest, bravest, darest one, Red. Sadly, Raise don't represent it. :)